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About Us

We are boutique software and product development team. We love fintech and we specialize in it, but also run complex and meaningful projects in other fields (Medtech, e-Government)
We have a huge experience in enterprise solution developments, understanding client’s requirements and pain, but are able to combine enterprises with cutting-edge technologies and start-up approach. We have unique experience in banking, startups and software development.
Marina Kvashnina
Business Development and general management
Elena Musina
Operational management and project delivery
Stanislav Ostrovskiy
Sales and marketing
Konstyantin Popov
Project management and business analysis
Petro Lymych
IT strategy and Solution Architecture
Chetan Dogra
Head of UK office


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  • CRM
  • Money Transfer System
  • Payment Acceptance
  • Mobile Apps
Card 2 Card, Card 2 Mobile, Cash 2 Card System provides functionality to banks and other financial companies which support P2P money transfers without specialized 3rd party card processing centers.
Ukrainian National Health Services has been written using Elixir and it is one of the biggest open sourced production Elixir project in the world and one of a biggest open sourced government project as well. EHealth is a complex solution designed using microservice architecture pattern. It is deployed to Google Cloud using Kubernetes and Docker. System is ready to handle millions of patients, using data integrity algorithms (heavily influenced by blockchain ideas) and uses all the power of ErlangVM to support countrywide scale.
Customizable – customer can design a decision rules he/she needs and manage data structure on the fly. Split testing - (aka. Champion Winner) - customer can group decision table to run a A/B/.. tests. Later customer can leave only one, that shows the best results. Decisions History - customer can review all previous decisions made by tables and analyze what rules is triggered more often. Rollback to a previous version
Investors marketplace
A suite of new financial products that can be offered to a range of interested parties, from individuals to institutions. A software platform will provide a flexible vehicle to enable a wider product mix on the originators side and to deliver these new products to the market, and link them automatically with origination systems; Capability to fund long-term loans such as: mortgages, car loans, SME-loans, etc.; Integration with 3rd-party originators, either direct and/or offered via a brokerage model.
CRM projects
  • Integration of customer data from multiple sources: Front End System, Core Banking, Card Processing System, Collection Solution, DWH etc.
  • Comprehensive data cleansing/deduplication algorithms
  • Single place to perform any customer related process
  • Customer account UI for: POS and Branch offices, Call Center, Collection, Customer Care, Fraud Monitoring
  • Automation of 40+ Service Processes such as: Limit Management, Statements, Card Blocking etc.
Marketing automation
  • Implementation of end-to-end process of marketing campaign: Data integration–Data analysis–Campaign management–Reporting–Client feedback processing
  • Creation and integration of unified platform for effectively roll-out sales processes (for New to Bank and Existing Customers) and measure its performance across multiple locations
  • Integration with various inbound and outbound communication channels
  • Increase # of campaigns in 3 times (from 45 to 150). All campaigns are carried out without IT involvement
  • Increase of conversion rate by increasing accuracy of target audience selection
  • Increase product portfolio profitability due to addressable market micro segmentation approach
  • Customer interaction cost reduction due to digital channels utilization
Loan Origination system
  • Data Entry including 3rd party, Data Check, Scoring, Risk policies
  • Phone Verification, Field Verification mobile screens
  • Final Underwriting, Disbursement, Auto Fraud rules, Supervisor portals
  • Provide stable and continues operation of Loan Origination Processes for planned volumes (up to 200k applications per month, up to 1800 concurrent users)
  • Provide ability to perform various changes of processes business logic with low cost and short terms

Technical Stack

Project Management Approach
Agile, Scrum
Business process modelling approach/methodology
UML, Mind mapping, BPMN, Brainstorming, Aha!, etc
Front-End Stream
Angular.js, React.js, Redux, jQuery, Backbone, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Underscore.js; SASS, Compass, Bourbon, CSS (OOCSS), BEM; Twitter Bootstrap, Startup Framework, Flat UI, HTML5; Gulp, Webpack, Grunt; New Relic Browser, Track.js, BugSnag, Mixpanel, Intercom, GA; Protractor, Browser Stack, Selenium, Travis-CI;Nginx;
Back-End Stream
Erlang/Elixir, SQL, Ruby; Laravel PHP Framework, Lumen, Slim, Silex, Phalcon, Symfony; Express.js; October CMS; MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Percona DB, Redis, Memcache, Elasticsearch, Sphinx; New Relic, Track.js, BugSnag, Mixpanel, Intercom; PHPUnit, Mocha,, Travis-CI;Puppet, Docker, PM2, Nginx, KONG, Vagrant.
Mobile Stream - hybrid (JavaScript) and native (Objective-C, Swift, Java), technologies
JavaScript (Ionic Framework, PhoneGap); Objective-C and Swift (Mantle, AFNetworking, Gifu, IQKeyboardManager, ReactiveCocoa, MagicalRecord and many more); Java (robospice, retrofit2, gson); Appium, Selenium; Travis-CI.
Appium, Nightwatch, PHPUnit, Mocha, BrowserStack.
AWS/GCE; Docker/DockerHub/Kubernetes; Travis/Spinnaker MySQL/PostgreSQL administration; shell-scripting; LAN management; Zabbix

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Edenlab LLC 33 T. Shevchenko blvd, 11 th floor Kiev, Ukraine [email protected] +380503519094
UK office 184 Fullwell Avenue, London IG62JQ +447932459922